Owlchemy Fan Content Policy

Greetings— Content Creators, Streamers, Commentators, Speed-Jobbers, and all Creative Humans!

At Owlchemy Labs, we have a passion for making absurd and highly polished games that capture the hearts of our fans and ignite creativity. We love to see fan-created content, and support those who produce videos and other creative content using video images, footage, music, sounds, speech, or other assets from Owlchemy copyrighted products— subject to a few conditions. Specifically, Owlchemy permits you to create and monetize videos (e.g., walkthroughs, speed runs, reviews, commentary, Let’s Play videos) using streamed or captured video content, screenshots, and/or other media from Owlchemy games as long as you follow three simple rules:

The Rules

Rule 1: When using our content, refrain from making racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory, or bigoted comments on top of it.

Rule 2: When referring to Owlchemy or any of its games, please follow our brand guidelines.

Rule 3: If you post videos containing Owlchemy content, please provide a working link to the Owlchemy website (e.g., Job Simulator: https://jobsimulatorgame.com/ ; Vacation Simulator: https://vacationsimulatorgame.com/ ).

…And that’s it! Follow these three rules and you’re good to go. Of course, we also appreciate being mentioned on social media when you share your fan content— we just really enjoy seeing what you create! For reference, here’s our social handles:

If you have any questions, just smash that send button and shoot us an email at info@owlchemylabs.com.