Valve Index Release Day— Support for Vacation Simulator + Job Simulator!

Greetings, Humans!

Index hype! The Valve Index is arriving in player hands today, and we are happy to announce Valve Index support for Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator! We launched Index support for Vacation Simulator yesterday along with other changes and bugfixes— you can view the full patch notes here.

Today, we’re excited to share a few things about the Valve Index that we’re excited for with Vacation Simulator…

More frames! More pixels!

We’re proud of our colorful destinations in Vacation Simulator, and the Valve Index really shows off the beautiful scenery of the game. With an increased refresh rate, and improved display, we’re eager for players to experience our vibrant world through the Valve Index. We definitely put all those pixels to use!

We do want to say that this feature alone really blows us away. The comfort of the Index plus the beautiful screen makes us want to spend all day on Vacation Island. The feeling of being immersed and transported to the various destinations of the game makes it easy to lose track of time— and we made the game!

Amazing Audio!

Another feature of the Valve Index we’re excited for is the high quality positional audio. The importance of audio in VR can’t be understated— it’s a huge piece of the immersion puzzle, and something we spend a lot of time on to get just right. The positional audio sounds great on the Index, so players can enjoy the expert audio work of Daniel Perry, our Audio Director and Emperor of Soundwaves!

Close your eyes and let all of your worries float away with the sounds of the waves on Vacation Beach, the birds chirping in Vacation Forest, or the sound of a crackling fireplace in Vacation Mountain.

Index Controller Support + Gestures!

Of course, our support for the Valve Index wouldn’t be complete without full support for the Index Controllers! In Vacation Simulator, we introduced a camera for players to capture their memories of [RELAXATION] and express themselves with a fully-customizable avatar. We’ve seen delightful selfies from our fans so far, and are excited to see even more photos from our fans expressing themselves with our Index Controller support for gestures. Strike a pose for your selfies!

For Job Simulator, we’ve pushed Index support to a beta branch for players to check out— check out our post here for details on how to access this branch! We will take Index support out of beta and publish for players next week, and are excited to share some awesome extra updates with this patch.

We’re super excited for the Index launch, and hope all the new headset owners will check out the immersive experiences we’re proud to bring to the Index. JOB your heart out, then go on a VACATION!

Bot Voyage,