Vacation Simulator Original Game Soundtrack: Available Now for Human Ears!

Greetings, Human!

Enjoy the sounds of optimal relaxation in the Vacation Simulator Original Game Soundtrack! Today we’re excited to launch the Vacation Simulator soundtrack on your favorite music streaming platform. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube! You can also add songs from the soundtrack to your Instagram and Facebook stories— try it out!

Vacation Simulator Original Game Soundtrack (Music By Daniel Perry) – Available Now For Human Ears!

Daniel Perry, our Audio Director and Emperor of Soundwaves, shared a bit of his thought process behind the Vacation Simulator soundtrack:

“I received a lot of great responses about the songs in Job Simulator and Infinite Overtime, and knew that there is a big opportunity to bring a wholesomeness to our experience through music. Honest emotional lyrics about inclusion and feeling together, optimism and seeing the glass half-full, and breaking out of our boundaries… All of these things are the lifeblood and spirit of the music I wrote for Vacation Simulator. “

– Daniel Perry, Audio Director and Emperor of Soundwaves, Owlchemy Labs

Daniel really brought the music of Vacation Simulator to life across every destination of Vacation Island. Check out the track list below to get a glimpse at the journey!



3. The “You” You See in Yourself

4. Seashells & Silicon

5. Sandcastle Shuffle

6. Beach Bumming Around

7. Under the Simulated Sun

8. Digital Campgrounds

9. S’More S’mores, Please!

10. 404 – Forest Not Found

11. Roots, Nodes & Branches

12. A Twinkle in My Graphics Card

13. [SUB-ZERO] Waltz

14. The Feeling of Relaxing in the Hot Tub with Your Friends and Trying to Catch a Snowflake with Your Mouth Only to Realize That the Particle System in the Simulation Doesn’t Have Colliders and the Snow Just Falls Through Your Face

15. Making Bot Angels

16. The Human Ascends

17. Ski Slope Safety Song

18. Rapid Co-Processing

19. That’s A Hoop!

20. Beach Escape

21. One-Handed Spike

22. It’s Expected That You Dance

23. Funk Only Memories


25. Shake What Your Motherboard Gave You

26. An Accurate Simulation

We’re excited to have the soundtrack available for you to listen to whenever you feel the need to [VACATION]! Take yourself on a trip through sound to the Beach, Forest, Mountain, and Resort and relive some of your favorite memories.

We hope you enjoy your musical vacation!