Vacation Simulator Now Available on Steam and Oculus!

Greetings, Vacationers!

We’ve been eagerly preparing for today— putting in our PTO requests to BossBot, blocking our calendars, and setting our vacation responders— and after two years of development, it’s finally time to VACATION! Vacation Simulator is now available on Steam and Oculus for $29.99!

To get in the vacation state of mind, view the official launch trailer for Vacation Simulator below!

We’re incredibly excited for players to experience vacation their own way and explore the connected world of Vacation Island across our immersion-inspiring destinations: Beach, Forest, Mountain, and Resort!

Whether you choose to spend your vacation days grilling your Perfect Burger, tending to a vibrant garden, pelting snowballs at Bots, or chilling at the stylish Resort…

We’re excited to see all the different ways our players experience VACATION!

Bot Voyage, Humans!