Vacation Simulator: Back to Job— Free DLC Out Now on PC and Oculus Quest

Hello Humans!

Our FREE DLC Vacation Simulator: Back to Job is out now on PC (Steam + Oculus) and Oculus Quest! The DLC will land on PlayStation VR this October. If you already own Vacation Simulator on these platforms you will get an update automatically. If for some reason, you haven’t explored the Vacation Simulator you can pick up a copy on Steam, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, or PlayStation VR.

First you Jobbed, then you Vacationed. Now it’s time to join Gig Economy as an illustrious Giglr Independent Contractor! Be your own BossBot as you serve customers at Vacation Island’s Poolside Cabana. Cater to their every whim and watch them experience the joy of [TIME OFF] as you provide them with our trademarked five star service.

So many of the bots you know and love are here, and they need things— from you! 

If this Gigpertunity™️ sounds too good to be true and you are concerned there might not be enough gig to keep you fully employed— have no fear! The Giglr Giggorithm™️ is finely tuned to provide a literal endless supply of poolside customers for you to serve. 

We have built the [OPTIMAL] Giglr partner environment and cannot wait for you to embark on your self employment journey!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Job Gig! Fire up the Vacation Simulator and flip that switch today!