Job Simulator New Mode ‘Infinite Overtime’ + Price Drop!

Hello Humans!

You’ve worked the day shift, now it’s time to work into the night! Today, we’re launching a free content update to Job Simulator on all platforms. Now you can work the never-ending night shift with Job Simulator’s new Infinite Overtime mode– a free content update to the game! We’re also permanently dropping the price of Job Simulator to $19.99! Now, there’s exactly zero reasons not to experience the magic of JOB!

Infinite Overtime

Clock in to Infinite Overtime and meet TempBot— JobBot’s far less motivated nighttime replacement— as TempBot guides you through endless, randomized tasks. Each job has been updated to allow for a countless stream of customers as you punch the clock late into the evening. Check it out below!

Look, a teaser!

We’re super excited about this one! We’ve been working in secret on this update for quite a while, creating randomized bot interactions, adding in new mini-meta games, and updating our vehicular drift vectors. Each of the jobs in Job Simulator has been fitted with an Infinite Overtime mode, which includes new tasks, promotions and, of course, easter eggs! Keep at the nightly grind to earn promotions and desk flair to declare your dedication to endless jobbing. Even a human like you could one day be promoted to ‘Managing Director of Interns’! Also, we added fidget spinners, because why not?

We couldn’t stop ourselves from adding new stuff.

Anyone who already has Job Simulator will automatically receive this new mode in the latest update. Once you’ve completed all tasks in a job, you can access this game mode by flipping the Infinite Overtime switch attached to the kiosk in the museum.

We’re incredibly happy to be able to share this update with you! Happy (infinite) JOBBING!