Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator Quest 2 Enhancements Including Future 90FPS Support

Greetings, Humans!

We have launched an update for both Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator that includes enhancements for Quest 2. These include turning off foveated rendering (for an ever sharper visual), some visual improvements and including 90fps support (when it becomes available on the platform).

The increased resolution of Quest 2 really shows off our colorful and immersive environments.

We are also very excited to already support 90fps for when it becomes available. We have always expressed the importance of higher frame rates for comfort, including being early adopters of 90fps on PlayStation VR and it excites us to support 90fps support for Quest 2.

Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator will take advantage of the power of the Quest 2 regardless you are jobbing or vacationing! Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator updates are now available in the Oculus Store!