Human, are you ready to gig?! Become your own BossBot on September 10th in Vacation Simulator: Back to Job

Greetings Humans,

We are excited to share that our new free DLC Vacation Simulator: Back to Job  is launching Thursday, September 10th on PC (SteamVR + Oculus) and Oculus Quest. The DLC will be available for PlayStation VR this October.

It’s time to become your own BossBot, Human! With all Bots on vacation join the on-demand workforce on Vacation Island as a Giglr Independent Contractor. As a gig associate, you will run the Vacation Island Poolside Cabana with your trusty partner GigBot at your side to help you serve up 5-star service.

Enjoy endless gameplay through an infinite supply of poolside customers for you to serve. Get ready to cook, entertain, advise, and do whatever it takes to help bots experience [MAXIMUM RELAXATION]. Clock-in, Human it’s time to Job Gig!


P.S. You can buy Vacation Simulator now and be ready for the DLC Launch:
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