Announcing new leadership at Owlchemy Labs

Today, with hearts full of love, we are saying goodbye to CEOwl and Janitor Alex Schwartz and Studio Director Cy Wise as they take flight to pursue new opportunities outside of Owlchemy Labs. We are grateful for their contributions to the studio thus far, and look forward to seeing what they both do next.

To that end, we are announcing that Devin Reimer, current Chief Technology Owl, will transition to the role of Chief Executive Owl (CEOwl). Devin’s been with Owlchemy since the early days, tackling every challenge along the way from the most formidable technical undertakings to the impossible task of making a hoodie stylish. There’s truly no better person to take the helm as we steer toward the future of VR.

Announcing new leadership at Owlchemy Labs: Devin Reimer (Chief Executive Owl) and Andrew Eiche (Chief Technology Owl and Cable Slinger.

Pictured (left to right): Devin Reimer (Chief Executive Owl) and Andrew Eiche (Chief Technology Owl and Cable Slinger)

“It’s a very exciting time at Owlchemy Labs, and the virtual reality industry as a whole,” Devin adds. “It makes me incredibly happy to continue my work in this new role as CEOwl, and I’m committed to ensuring that the studio continues to push the boundaries in terms of innovation and experimentation with the games we create.”

As Devin transitions to his new role as CEOwl, we are also pleased to share that Andrew Eiche will be stepping up as Owlchemy Labs’ new Chief Technology Owl (CTOwl) and Cable Slinger, and Autumn Taylor the new Studio Director, Marketing, KnOWLedge.

Leaving the nest is never easy, but we are proud and excited for both Alex and Cy in their adventures to come pursuing the future. For all of their work on this journey up until now— farewOWL and thank you!

We at Owlchemy Labs will continue to build absurd and highly polished games that push the boundaries of what’s possible in virtual reality, and are more excited than ever to continue helping shape the future of this industry.

Onward to the future!

– Owls