$3 Million in Sales and 250 Million Views for Job Simulator!

After launching Job Simulator on three major VR platforms in 2016, we’re humbled by the overwhelmingly positive response from fans — thank you all for jobbing with us! With that, we have some sales numbers to announce. We want to share these numbers because we think they’re important to show that even in these early days of VR, if you build a quality piece of content, there’s potential for a large audience and solid sales. See below for the full press release!

-Owlchemy Owls

Job Simulator Surpasses $3 Million in Sales and 250 Million YouTube Views

Owlchemy Labs Inc.
January 6, 2017

Austin, TX – Virtual reality industry leader Owlchemy Labs today announced that its flagship multi-platform virtual reality game, Job Simulator, has earned over $3 million in sales. Owlchemy also announced that Job Simulator has received over 250 million YouTube views. These achievements mark a new milestone for virtual reality (VR), establishing Job Simulator as the most popular VR title to date.

“When we started development of Job Simulator, it was a massive risk to bet it all on a project that could ONLY work in VR, especially with consumer VR hardware productization so far off and ambiguous” says Owlchemy Labs CEO Alex Schwartz. “It’s great to finally see the numbers show that even in such an early market, success can already be found. We’re incredibly proud of the fact that our game has struck a chord with so many players across the globe, both young and old.”

Since 2010, Owlchemy Labs has combined its deep love of game design, user experience, narrative, and humor to create compelling experiences for current and next-generation VR platforms. Their original title “Job Simulator” has been hailed as one of the defining VR experiences, debuting as a bundled game with the HTC Vive, as a launch title for Oculus Touch, and as a launch title for PlayStation VR, where it debuted as the best-selling PlayStation VR game in North America for both October and November on the PlayStation Store (CORRECTION: for all of 2016, October, November, and December!).

“I think a huge part of Job Simulator’s success comes from how fun it is to just watch someone play around and be silly in VR” says Schwartz. “Tons of people have seen their favorite YouTuber play around in the physics sandbox that is our game, and that’s great for showing everyone how interactive and magical VR can be. These earliest attempts at mixing real-life video footage with virtual reality are the best way to show people what it truly feels like to be inside of a virtual space so we’re letting streamers and content creators easily share VR footage that’s clear, understandable, and ready for mainstream viewers.

Owlchemy continues to leverage their success in VR to innovate both top tier content and tools. Besides expanding Job Simulator, the company is bringing the hit animated series “Rick & Morty” into virtual reality with Adult Swim Games, and working on new unannounced titles. In addition, Owlchemy is beta testing their OwlchemyVR Mixed Reality system, a new way to let developers and content creators capture and share virtual content.

About Owlchemy Labs:
Founded in 2010 with the mission to build absurd and polished games, Owlchemy Labs has developed and published multiple original titles spanning over 20 desktop and mobile platforms, including one of the first VR-enabled games on Steam. Their titles include Job Simulator, the Adult Swim published Rick and Morty Simulator: Virtual Rick-ality, as well as numerous desktop and mobile titles. In addition to innovating in the content space, Owlchemy pioneered OwlchemyVR, a tool suite that facilitates VR development and allows for creating and sharing mixed reality footage of VR/AR content.

Owlchemy continues to share VR knowledge with the community as the founders of the 2000+ member strong VR Austin group and as speakers on VR around the world. More information about Owlchemy Labs can be found at http://owlchemylabs.com