Owlchemy Accolades Ahoy!

Recently, Owlchemy Labs has been all over the news. Here’s a bit of a recap of the latest in the world of Owlchemy VR:

Consumer Reports lists Job Simulator as must-have VR!

Everyone wants a piece of Job Simulator! This was listed in the March 2016 print edition of Consumer Reports, as well as on their website.


Caaaaardboard! is a top 5 Google VR app!

Number 4 is quite an honor, and note that #1, #2, and #3 are all free content, while ours is paid. More stats on Google’s official blog.


Tons of press loved the new Job Simulator demo at the SteamVR Content Showcase!

Top tier press were given 15-minute demos of brand new Job Simulator content in Seattle this week. Press loved their in-depth look at the game and wrote some fantastic previews!


Gamasutra in love with the ‘EXIT BURRITO’

Kris Graft of Gamasutra wrote up an incredible piece on the design that led to our absurd menu mechanic: eating a burrito to exit levels in Job Simulator. This is definitely among our favorite articles about Owlchemy!

View post on imgur.com

Owlchemy tops “Most Anticipated VR Title” lists for 2016 – Fortune, UploadVR, Red Bull, and GizMag!

We’re thrilled to be included on a number of 2016 lists when it comes to most anticipated games in VR!


Jeff Gerstman of Giant Bomb is enamored

Jeff, if you’re reading this, we love you too.

Job Simulator nominated for Vision Summit Awards and VR talk: “Multiplatform VR Development”

We’ll be in Hollywood, CA in February for the Vision Summit! Job Simulator will be demoed on PlayStation VR, Devin and Alex will be speaking on Multiplatform VR Development, and Job Simulator is up for “Best VR Experience” in the Vision Summit Awards! It should be a great show.


Job Simulator’s New Kitchen Revealed!

Back in March 2015, we unveiled Job Simulator to the world alongside the announce of the HTC Vive. Our original demo of being a gourmet chef in a kitchen was the demo that captured press and players alike and showed off the physics gameplay of Job Simulator. Almost a year later, we’ve worked on building out the other jobs in Job Simulator (office cubicle worker, convenience store clerk, etc) but knew that our original tech demo needed to be updated and brought to a final state. With that, we present the new Gourmet Chef teaser!

Check out more details at our newly re-done website, http://jobsimulatorgame.com!


We’ll be announcing our final 2 jobs in the next few months, so stay tuned!


Vive Pre Unboxing and CES

This past December, we received a package in the mail. It was the new dev kits from Valve HTC! They’re calling it the Vive Pre and it’s essentially the DK2 for the Vive.

Over the holidays, we ensured Job Simulator could run perfectly on the new hardware. We made some small improvements and some adjustments to the in-game hands to better align with the new controllers and how they’re gripped. We even did some residential testing of the Vive. It turns out Job Simulator draws a crowd of spectators :)


Overall, new controllers are a big improvement! Also the new lighthouses are quite nice and are pretty damn near silent now. Additionally the headset panels appear brighter with the headset feeling refined overall.

Here’s the video of Alex tearing apart the shipment:

Also, you may have seen the announcement today at CES that the Vive will ship with a built-in camera that allows for sensing the world around you. See UploadVR’s coverage here.

A few weeks back, at Valve headquarters, we did the demo of the Vive’s new Chaperone camera passthrough, which is being shown at CES right now. It’s pretty magical what they’re able to do with just a single camera. On a more technical note, we believe that people are underestimating whats possible when you know the exact position of the camera to sub-millimeter accuracy with Lighthouse. This opens the door to some really interesting stuff that’s not possible without a tracked camera.

We’re looking forward to demoing Job Simulator on the new Vive hardware at CES. HTC has a demo area at the Wynn hotel and some other partners will be showing Job Simulator on the CES show floor. If you’re in Vegas, come say hi!

-Alex and Devin