The Voices of Vacation: Announcing Erika Ishii and Jeff Cannata in Vacation Simulator!

Greetings, Humans!

We’re only a week away from the PC launch of Vacation Simulator on April 9th! In case you aren’t already beside yourself with anticipation, we want to introduce you to our incredible voice talent— as the hosts of Vacation Island, they’re going to bring your upcoming TIME OFF experience to life!

Without further ado— we’re excited to announce Erika Ishii as VacationBot and Jeff Cannata as EfficiencyBot!

Erika Ishii as VacationBot

In the game, VacationBot is your cheerful guide to anything and everything vacation. Bursting with energy and contagious excitement, Erika was the perfect fit as Vacation Island’s ambassador of ultimate [RELAXATION]!

You may know her from her work as a host and producer with Geek & Sundry, and acting work in Dream Daddy, Fire Emblem Heroes, and Sailor Moon SuperS (to name a few). We’re positive her engaging performance will be a delight to fans!

Jeff Cannata as EfficiencyBot

For the Human that prefers to maximize their itineraries, The Bureau of Simulations sent EfficiencyBot to track memory-making and keep the simulation sailing smoothly (statistically speaking)! Jeff gives EfficiencyBot the perfect no-nonsense, serious business tone worthy of any middle manager.

You might have heard him in the weekly podcast DLC, the /Filmcast, the Totally Rad Show, and various TV shows including General Hospital, and Shameless. Jeff’s dynamic performance as EfficiencyBot will make players cheer for recreational optimization!

We’re so excited for you all to hear Erika and Jeff in the game channeling their vacation personas with VacationBot and EfficiencyBot. Mark your calendars for April 9th and remember to pack your best vacation attitude— in one week you’ll be soaking up the simulated sunshine with your new Botfriends!