Vacation Simulator Now Available on Oculus Quest!

Greetings, Vacationers!

Vacation Simulator is officially available on the Oculus Quest! We’ve been working hard to make something special, and we’re delighted that you can all finally enjoy it. Purchase it on the Oculus Quest Store

The Owls really [SCIENCED] their best on this one to meet the unique requirements of this new hardware. After many experimentations and significant technical wizardry— Vacation Simulator runs beautifully on the Oculus Quest

The game is jam-packed with tons of optimizations that make Vacation Simulator shine on Quest. Here are a couple of the more amusing things we did when working on the game:

When you’re looking at the handheld camera, we increase the “Foveated Rendering” to “Highest.” In other words: more of the screen is rendered at a lower resolution, but since the player’s eye is focused on the camera, they never notice the change (it’s magic!). This is just one of the many tricks we employ that allow you to have the camera on screen and still render at full framerate!

We also created Bob! Bob is our 100% Professional Automated Testing Rig™. Bob help us hold the headset in the center of the playspace while the game jumps from zone to zone looking around and measuring the performance. It even takes the camera out to verify the “worst case”— most technically intensive— scenarios. Just look at this powerful spreadsheet of [METRICS]:

Oh wait! There are no spreadsheets on Vacation!

If you’re still interested, you can read about more optimizations on Twitter!

We’re so excited for you to experience the joys of Vacationing wherever you want!

We’d love to hear all about your simulated [VACATION] on social media. Be sure to use #VacationSimulator so we can check them all out!

Happy Vacationing,