Snuggle Truck gets Steam-y

Thats right – Snuggle Truck is now available on Steam! Create a level on your PC, edit it on the road with your iPad, then finally use your iPhone to play it on the crapper. Oh the joys of technology.

For a limited time, get the Steam version for only $4.49 while it’s 10% off. Grab it now!

Infinite Leaderboards: Every level gets its own unique leaderboard, including the 12,430 community levels (at the time of writing) and any new levels you make with the level editor. Now everyone can experience the unique blend of disappointment and satisfaction that comes from creating a level and seeing some random guy/gal on the interwebs decimate your best time. Revel in it. It’s good for you.

Anyway, am I still talking? Grab the game today and enjoy it on a crazyyy wide-screen!

Oh, and a new trailer!