Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality in the Press!

Hello Humans and Clones!

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality launched last week, and the response has been FUCKING BONKERS. People have been throwing YouSeeks balls, opening real fake doors, and yes, manipulating plumbuses in ways we shall not speak of. The response has been overwhelming and we’re so happy everyone has been enjoying the game! Below are a few of the best of the press that’s come out!


(Gizmodo, Motherboard, New Atlas, PCGamerThe Verge)


Everyone has been wondering what it was like working with such an incredible IP like Rick and Morty! The short answer: pretty rick-diculous! Check out our exclusive interviews about the challenges we overcame during development, working with Justin Roiland and Adult Swim Games, and some of our favorite parts of the game.

UploadVR Interview – UploadVR delves into the origins of the project, the relationship with Adult Swim Games and the show, as well as a peek into the Labs themselves!

Oculus Blog – Oculus interviewed Alex about the process of taking 2D characters to 3D, player response, and the liberal application of squanch.

NVidia Blog – NVidia asks us about interaction, humor and working with Justin in their blog post!

Daily Dot – Daily Dot chatted with us about hanging out with our favorite characters, and the cultural zeitgeist of Rick and Morty.


One of our favorite things about launching a new game is all of the incredible Let’s Play videos and streams from content creators on YouTube and Twitch! Here are a few of our favorites…

REACT – The Fine Brothers’ REACT Gaming channel has fans of the show try Rick and Morty: VR for the first time!

JackSepticEye – We love Jack’s enthusiasm (and hair!) and he loves us! Always fantastic to hear his takes on our games!

And OMGitsfirefoxx!! Sonja dives into the game, praises our attention to detail, and lives that large life with Giant Morty Mode!

It’s been a great ride so far and we can’t see what else everyone thinks of the game! Keep at it and happy combinating!