Valve Index Release Day— Support for Vacation Simulator + Job Simulator!

Greetings, Humans!

Index hype! The Valve Index is arriving in player hands today, and we are happy to announce Valve Index support for Vacation Simulator and Job Simulator! We launched Index support for Vacation Simulator yesterday along with other changes and bugfixes— you can view the full patch notes here.

Today, we’re excited to share a few things about the Valve Index that we’re excited for with Vacation Simulator…

More frames! More pixels!

We’re proud of our colorful destinations in Vacation Simulator, and the Valve Index really shows off the beautiful scenery of the game. With an increased refresh rate, and improved display, we’re eager for players to experience our vibrant world through the Valve Index. We definitely put all those pixels to use!

We do want to say that this feature alone really blows us away. The comfort of the Index plus the beautiful screen makes us want to spend all day on Vacation Island. The feeling of being immersed and transported to the various destinations of the game makes it easy to lose track of time— and we made the game!

Amazing Audio!

Another feature of the Valve Index we’re excited for is the high quality positional audio. The importance of audio in VR can’t be understated— it’s a huge piece of the immersion puzzle, and something we spend a lot of time on to get just right. The positional audio sounds great on the Index, so players can enjoy the expert audio work of Daniel Perry, our Audio Director and Emperor of Soundwaves!

Close your eyes and let all of your worries float away with the sounds of the waves on Vacation Beach, the birds chirping in Vacation Forest, or the sound of a crackling fireplace in Vacation Mountain.

Index Controller Support + Gestures!

Of course, our support for the Valve Index wouldn’t be complete without full support for the Index Controllers! In Vacation Simulator, we introduced a camera for players to capture their memories of [RELAXATION] and express themselves with a fully-customizable avatar. We’ve seen delightful selfies from our fans so far, and are excited to see even more photos from our fans expressing themselves with our Index Controller support for gestures. Strike a pose for your selfies!

For Job Simulator, we’ve pushed Index support to a beta branch for players to check out— check out our post here for details on how to access this branch! We will take Index support out of beta and publish for players next week, and are excited to share some awesome extra updates with this patch.

We’re super excited for the Index launch, and hope all the new headset owners will check out the immersive experiences we’re proud to bring to the Index. JOB your heart out, then go on a VACATION!

Bot Voyage,

Vacation Simulator Releases on PlayStation VR!

Hello Humans!

The day has finally arrived— Vacation Simulator is out now on PlayStation VR! Grab your Move controllers and get ready to splash, s’more, snowball, and selfie your way to optimal relaxation!

You can pick up Vacation Simulator and experience recreation beyond the theoretical limits on the PlayStation Store here:

Check out the Vacation Simulator Launch Trailer on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

We’ve put in a lot of work the past few months to prepare Vacation Simulator for PSVR— optimizing, testing, and adding updates for accessibility! A lot of love went into this game, and it’s an understatement to say that we’ve been eagerly anticipating the PSVR release. It’s important to us to make our games an amazing experience for all our players, and we’re truly proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with Vacation Simulator on PlayStation.

Whether you start your vacation journey on the Beach, Forest, Mountain, or never leave the Resort— we can’t wait to see how you [VACATION] your way! If you don’t already, be sure to follow us on social media and share your vacation photos with us— you can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also join the Official Owlchemy Discord to chat with  other vacationers and share photos, sandcastle tips, and your overall love of Human [NOT JOBBING].

Bot Voyage, and happy vacationing!


Vacation Simulator Patch 2 Released – Accessibility and More!

Greetings, Vacationers!

Patch 2! Accessibility & More! Header Image

Here at the Labs the Owls have been hard at work developing the next update for Vacation Simulator. We’ve been listening closely to feedback since the release and have made a number of changes we hope you’ll love!

At Owlchemy, we believe VR is for everyone and improving our accessibility helps us achieve that goal. For this patch, we focused on some key features that we believe will better help many of our players. We would love to highlight a few for you:

One Hand Mode

We strive to create interactions that feel natural, and we understand that not all players may not be able to use two arms simultaneously. We now fully support one handed play for 100 percent of the game! The game now detects how many controllers are powered on and, if fewer than two controllers are connected, we automatically make changes to ensure everything is playable with one hand!

Non-Audio Feedback Improvements

We love filling our worlds with humorous dialogue and text, and we want our players to not have to rely on speech or text to be able to enjoy the game. So, we’ve gone through the game and found places where we relied on text or speech as the only way to communicate critical gameplay information. We worked to modify those places to use icons and other visuals to better help all players understand the game.

Seated/Comfort Improvements

Being completely immersed in VR is a truly magical experience, and we want all our players to feel comfortable while playing the game. We heard it can be uncomfortable for some if they have to turn all the way around to go backwards, so we worked to reduce this as much as possible. We have gone through each space in the game and increased the detection area of players gaze significantly to ensure that we aren’t requiring extreme head movements.

We love developing room scale games, and we also understand that games that require walking present a challenge for some of our users. We’ve optimized our small playspace to better accommodate players with limited mobility, those who can only lean to reach and must remain seated or stationary during play.

And that is not all! There are many more things we addressed in the patch, from bug fixes to some fun changes— like our instruments now blowing bubbles when played underwater. You can read the full patch notes here.

Future Updates

You may have noticed one big accessibility topic missing— subtitles. We’ve been working hard on some R&D into how to best display subtitles in VR. We hope to have something exciting to show you all soon! Keep an eye on our Twitter for more updates on this in the future!

Special thanks to Google’s Diversity and Inclusion Group for providing feedback as we worked on these important accessibility features.

Bot Voyage, Humans!


Vacation Simulator Original Game Soundtrack: Available Now for Human Ears!

Greetings, Human!

Enjoy the sounds of optimal relaxation in the Vacation Simulator Original Game Soundtrack! Today we’re excited to launch the Vacation Simulator soundtrack on your favorite music streaming platform. Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, and YouTube! You can also add songs from the soundtrack to your Instagram and Facebook stories— try it out!

Vacation Simulator Original Game Soundtrack (Music By Daniel Perry) – Available Now For Human Ears!

Daniel Perry, our Audio Director and Emperor of Soundwaves, shared a bit of his thought process behind the Vacation Simulator soundtrack:

“I received a lot of great responses about the songs in Job Simulator and Infinite Overtime, and knew that there is a big opportunity to bring a wholesomeness to our experience through music. Honest emotional lyrics about inclusion and feeling together, optimism and seeing the glass half-full, and breaking out of our boundaries… All of these things are the lifeblood and spirit of the music I wrote for Vacation Simulator. “

– Daniel Perry, Audio Director and Emperor of Soundwaves, Owlchemy Labs

Daniel really brought the music of Vacation Simulator to life across every destination of Vacation Island. Check out the track list below to get a glimpse at the journey!



3. The “You” You See in Yourself

4. Seashells & Silicon

5. Sandcastle Shuffle

6. Beach Bumming Around

7. Under the Simulated Sun

8. Digital Campgrounds

9. S’More S’mores, Please!

10. 404 – Forest Not Found

11. Roots, Nodes & Branches

12. A Twinkle in My Graphics Card

13. [SUB-ZERO] Waltz

14. The Feeling of Relaxing in the Hot Tub with Your Friends and Trying to Catch a Snowflake with Your Mouth Only to Realize That the Particle System in the Simulation Doesn’t Have Colliders and the Snow Just Falls Through Your Face

15. Making Bot Angels

16. The Human Ascends

17. Ski Slope Safety Song

18. Rapid Co-Processing

19. That’s A Hoop!

20. Beach Escape

21. One-Handed Spike

22. It’s Expected That You Dance

23. Funk Only Memories


25. Shake What Your Motherboard Gave You

26. An Accurate Simulation

We’re excited to have the soundtrack available for you to listen to whenever you feel the need to [VACATION]! Take yourself on a trip through sound to the Beach, Forest, Mountain, and Resort and relive some of your favorite memories.

We hope you enjoy your musical vacation!


Job Simulator Launches on Oculus Quest + Rift S Release!

Greetings, Humans!

Job Simulator is available now on Oculus Quest!

Nothing is more exciting than a new headset launch, but today also marks a big landmark for the VR industry.

At Owlchemy Labs, we believe that getting your hands into VR is the most important facet of a compelling experience. Fully-tracked standalone virtual reality hardware is a key part of making these experiences more accessible, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Job Simulator is now available as a launch title on Oculus Quest!

Check out the launch trailer for Job Simulator on Oculus Quest below:

[Job Simulator – Now Available for Oculus Quest! – $19.99]

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the Quest release at the Labs, and are excited to try all of the VR experiences available at launch. We’re also grateful to Oculus for including us in the Quest Essentials alongside such incredible titles! The development talent with the Quest launch is truly astounding.

In addition to the release of Oculus Quest, we’re also excited about the release of the Oculus Rift S! For players with the Rift S, the Oculus Rift versions of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are automatically compatible with the new headset. Productivity and relaxation your heart out! Also, for those curious— Vacation Simulator is coming to Oculus Quest, later this year for holiday 2019. You’ve got to put in the [JOB] to earn your [VACATION], Human!

We can’t wait to see all the ways you experience JOB on Quest, and who you share your Quest experience with! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and mention us or tag your posts #TimeToJob and/or #JobSimulator so we can share on social media.

The VR community is even bigger after today, and we’d like to welcome all the new jobbers to the VR future! If you’re interested in virtually hanging out with other JOB-minded individuals, you can join the Official Owlchemy Labs Discord to discuss all things ☕ and 📎 with the rest of our community. Welcome!

Happy jobbing and happy Quest-ing, everyone!