OwlchemyMR Mixed Reality Update 3

We are pleased to share another update on OwlchemyMR (formerly OwlchemyVR Mixed Reality)! We’ve added even more features and improvements since our last update. Here are a few we’re excited to highlight:

If you haven’t read our prior announcements, you’ll first want to get some background information by checking out our first and second blog posts covering our mixed reality solution. It lets you combine live video footage with complex virtual reality gameplay in real-time and in-engine — resulting in the best way to show off the magic of VR.

In this update, we’d like to showcase how our tech solves the problem of Mixed Reality blindness:



Peer into mixed reality in real-time on the camera!

Peer into mixed reality in real-time!

Since our mixed reality solution is in-engine and in real-time, a small external screen can be mounted to your camera rig. Using a simple HDMI connection, you can have a live view into the virtual world without any additional overhead! This makes getting great mixed reality shots much easier. You’ll also see we are using a custom-made 3D printed OwlMount to pair a ZED depth camera with one of the upcoming Vive Trackers.



See mixed reality from inside VR!

See what you look like from inside VR!

Blindness in VR is a huge problem. We often hear players saying, “can you see what’s happening?” over and over again. Now we have a solution! We created a virtual mixed reality preview screen inside the environment, that corresponds with the exact location of the real-world camera. This gives actors new abilities that were previously unavailable such as framing a shot exactly as they want, or being able to talk directly to their audience. It’s also a ton of fun seeing yourself mixed directly into the VR environment and our in-engine solution allows this all to happen live!



Smoother, better, and more realistic-er!

Improved dynamic lighting!

We’ve made major improvements to how dynamic lights illuminate the player in mixed reality, providing smoother, more realistic lighting across the board. Our new Mixed Reality demo scene showcases these new lighting improvements, as well as many of the other advanced capabilities of OwlchemyMR in one fun mixed reality playground!



We’re continuing to add advanced features to OwlchemyMR, refine our compositing techniques, and increase the overall quality of the tool. When we have more to share about the future of OwlchemyMR and how you might be able to get your hands on it, we’ll let you know!