Job Simulator Launches on Oculus Quest + Rift S Release!

Greetings, Humans!

Job Simulator is available now on Oculus Quest!

Nothing is more exciting than a new headset launch, but today also marks a big landmark for the VR industry.

At Owlchemy Labs, we believe that getting your hands into VR is the most important facet of a compelling experience. Fully-tracked standalone virtual reality hardware is a key part of making these experiences more accessible, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Job Simulator is now available as a launch title on Oculus Quest!

Check out the launch trailer for Job Simulator on Oculus Quest below:

[Job Simulator – Now Available for Oculus Quest! – $19.99]

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the Quest release at the Labs, and are excited to try all of the VR experiences available at launch. We’re also grateful to Oculus for including us in the Quest Essentials alongside such incredible titles! The development talent with the Quest launch is truly astounding.

In addition to the release of Oculus Quest, we’re also excited about the release of the Oculus Rift S! For players with the Rift S, the Oculus Rift versions of Job Simulator and Vacation Simulator are automatically compatible with the new headset. Productivity and relaxation your heart out! Also, for those curious— Vacation Simulator is coming to Oculus Quest, later this year for holiday 2019. You’ve got to put in the [JOB] to earn your [VACATION], Human!

We can’t wait to see all the ways you experience JOB on Quest, and who you share your Quest experience with! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and mention us or tag your posts #TimeToJob and/or #JobSimulator so we can share on social media.

The VR community is even bigger after today, and we’d like to welcome all the new jobbers to the VR future! If you’re interested in virtually hanging out with other JOB-minded individuals, you can join the Official Owlchemy Labs Discord to discuss all things ☕ and 📎 with the rest of our community. Welcome!

Happy jobbing and happy Quest-ing, everyone!