Caaaaardboard! launches!

Mobile VR is pretty amazing if you ask me. Google’s Cardboard initiative is an early proof of concept, but at ~$2 of materials (plus a semi-recent smart phone which many already have in their pockets), VR can be experienced by a much larger audience.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our Google Cardboard port of Aaaaa!, and of course we’ve called it “Caaaaardboard!” 😉



What’s new?
Well, in order to support Google Cardboard, we had to re-design the entire interaction around the fact that your hands will be in use, holding the device to your face!

  • Look-based movement! – We re-did our control scheme to make it so navigation while flying can be accomplished by looking toward the direction you want to go. It’s pretty natural!
  • Hands-free menu interaction! – We ripped out the menu system and put in a simple gaze-based “Look here to start” mechanic to allow for input without any controllers or clicking.
  • Framerate! – We optimized our game to run at 60+ FPS on mid-level Android devices. Since all rendering happens twice, we basically had to hit 120fps.
  • World-space UI – In previous VR implementations of Aaaaa!, we had the UI floating in front of your face in a way that made it follow wherever you looked. This was good in some ways and bad in others. Now, we’ve revamped the UI and opted to make it exist a few meters in front of you in the world, which is a really pleasant experience!

You can grab Caaaaardboard! on the Google Play store here!