About Owlchemy Labs


Who are we?

Owlchemy Labs is a creative studio with a passion for polished and unique VR experiences and games. Founded in 2010 and based out of Austin, TX, we believe that interaction and using your hands is what truly makes virtual reality the most incredible place to build unique content that blows players minds. We love building experiences oozing with style and full to the brim with our unique brand of humor. We tweet our latest updates from @OwlchemyLabs


Award Winning!

In addition to being amazing, we’re also incredibly humble! Here’s a selection of recent awards that our company has received:

Also check out our Sundance nominated Job Simulator’s awards and accolades here!


We’re hiring!

It takes insanely great people to build the best VR content in the world, so reach out if you think you fit the bill. See our jobs section for open positions.


What Have We Made?

Our titles include physics racer Snuggle Truck, supernatural log-chopper Jack Lumber, VR skydiving game Aaaaaculus!, mobile VR skydiving game Caaaaardboard!, quirky choose-your-own-adventure Dyscourse, and HTC Vive/Oculus Touch/PS VR physics playground Job Simulator. We’re also mid-development on the upcoming HTC Vive VR title Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, a collaboration with Adult Swim!

We also founded VR Austin, one of the largest VR-focused meetups in the US with over 2000 members! Before that, the founders started the Boston Unity Group and the Winnipeg Unity User Group.



Owlchemy Team:

Alex Schwartz

CEO (Chief Executive Owl) and Janitor
With a background in both AAA and indie game development, Alex stokes the fires and nurtures the science at Owlchemy. His diet consists solely of Texas smoked brisket. Fun fact: he wears VR headsets to sleep, regardless of the comfort implications.

Devin Reimer

CTO (Chief Technology Owl)
Coming from both a Flash and Unity background, Devin whips the codebase into submission. He also insists on pronouncing many words in a distinctly Canadian manner, for which he is constantly berated. Fun fact: he strongly believes that floors are the future.

Carrie Witt

Art Director, Señor Artist, and Cat Whisperer
Formerly an Owlchemy intern, Carrie brings her unique brand of angular 2D art and ‘Witt-iness’ to the table, as well as in-depth knowledge of the DC Universe and cat culture. Fun fact: Carrie’s spicy food tolerance exceeds most sane humans.

Graeme Borland

Developer and All-Hat-Wearer
Scholars have debated Graeme’s actual job description since the late 12th century, but before being a code wizard and speed demon at Owlchemy, legend has it Graeme was once an artist. Fun fact: 8 pairs of sunglasses is Graeme’s current on-face record.

Devin Weidinger

Developer and Mastermind
Devin W. (affectionately referred to as American Devin or “Dee Dubs”, in contrast to Devin ‘Molson’ Reimer) adds two parts code, and one part concentrated elbow grease to the Unity melting pot, cooking up game dev meals for the whole team.

John Romanowski

3D Artist and UV King
John ensures all of our artistic assets contain the much needed yet pesky and elusive third dimension. Fun fact: John is possibly the only human on earth enamored by the process of UV mapping.

Max Burgess

Developer and Meme Curator
Max dazzled us with his epic memes, but in his spare time, he writes code, designs systems, and subjects himself to unholy VR bugs for the good of the team. Fun fact: Max once built a game with the same name as one of Owlchemy’s prior titles. For this transgression, he shall be fired. Twice.

Zi Ye

Developer / Physics and Math Genius
Zi’s advanced mathematics and physics wrangling knowledge puts him at the front of the queue whenever the phrase “matrix” or “quaternion” is uttered. Fun fact: Zi doesn’t even need a VR headset to be in VR. He’s virtually unstoppable.

Andrew Eiche

Developer and Producer-Extraordinaire
Ex-drinking-buddy now team member, Andrew ensures an “adult” is always around to prevent office injuries, most of the time. He also happens to be a very talented engineer and producer, which has definitely come in handy!

Joel Bergman

Developer and Brain Surgeon
Joel was snatched from the grips of Warren Spector and thrown into the fires of production in an impressively short amount of time. He spans multiple projects and now holds the unofficial title of ‘speedrunner’ and ‘exploit archivist’.

Cy Wise

Studio Director, Owlmancer, Science
Preparing for her future tenure at Owlchemy Labs since birth, Cy’s talents know no end. Every challenge on her plate is cleared effortlessly, with the sole exception of figuring out what to put on her business card.

Daniel Perry

Emperor of Sound Waves
Dan has created pleasing sound waves for every single Owlchemy Labs game, from Smuggle Truck to the latest and greatest. His reign as Emperor of Sound Waves carries on so long as his rule is just and beneficent… plus he’s a cool dude.

Ben Hopkins

Mixologist of Realities, Tools, and Future Research
Ben wields the deep hardcore knowledge necessary to merge various realities for the amusement of others. His shaders bend time, space, as well as the will of man while still running smoothly at 90hz.

Mike Leach

Mastermind of Multiplatform Matters
Mike effortlessly engineers across egregious numbers of platforms to ensure jobs are simulated at peak efficiency on all hardware. He wears so many hats across so many platforms, it’s fair to say he’s both an engineer and milliner (look it up).

Ben Shore

Character Overlord and Maya Magician
Ben skulks in the shadows, creating fantastic creatures shrouded in mystery (spoilers: rhymes with ‘Mick and Rorty’). Previously a resident of the Owlchemy ‘loft’, back in the working-out-of-a-house-days, Ben oversees visual science and prevents journeys into the Uncanny Valley.

Harrison Bright

Artisan of Artistic Arts
After building magic at Disney Interactive, Harrison thought he’d need to make the tough choice to focus on 3D, 2D, characters, environments, rigging, animation, or implementation, but decided to join Owlchemy instead, rendering that decision superfluous.

Chelsea Howe

Creative Designer and Producer of Creative Designs and Productions
Like all great Owlchemists, Chelsea had been preparing for her role in the labs far before joining. With a long-time passion for owls and general owl-plumage, her talents fit snugly into the nest while also bringing a wise, sage perspective to the design and production process.

Peter Galbraith

Implementer of Unityisms
Peter impressed the Owlchemy team with his Unity knowledge, VR design talents, and go-get-em attitude. He’s a straight shooter and quite sharp. One could even call him a sharp shooter, if one so desired.

Brady Wright

Designer, Developer, and Unity Veteran
Brady is a legend when it comes to Unity, tools, and of course the intersection of the two. As one of the first developers to find success with Unity in the form of an oversized novelty check, Brady continues to fight the good Unity fight to this day!

Fox Buchele

Developer, Designer, and Jam Master
As a game jam sommelier with a background in independent gamedev, Fox joined Owlchemy and instantly dove in head first, contributing to design, engineering, and owlery on top secret prototypes!

Colin McInerney

QA Tester, Developer, and Breaker of Builds
Colin’s hybrid skillset with both a development background and QA background has been essential to keep the VR train bug free and chugging along at optimal framerate!

Autumn Taylor

KnOWLedge Purveyor and Media Master
All season long, Autumn graces the team with positive vibes, well-written text, and quick wit while simultaneously laying down harsh (but fair) smackdown upon unsuspecting insubordinate community members.


Senior Unity Engineer / Team Lead
Owlchemy is actively seeking a Unity expert who has previously led a team or managed teams of engineers. We’re building some of the coolest projects in the world and are leading the way in virtual reality. Join us. Reach out if you’re self-motivated, have great communication skills, and have a solid engineering background so you can join us in building the best VR content in the world. Full relocation packages available. Shoot an email to help@owlchemylabs.com and let us know how we could have made such a terrible mistake to not have yet hired you.

Senior Computer Vision Expert / Graphics Programmer
You’ve seen our new mixed reality tech. Come help us build the best way to show VR to the world. Owlchemy is actively seeking a vision/graphics expert. Unity experience is a plus. We’re tackling some tough problems and need some of the best CV minds. Able to pay competitive rates for folks with great communication skills and deep vision/graphics experience. Full relocation packages available. We’re flexible if it means working with some of the most talented people in the world. Shoot an email to help@owlchemylabs.com and lets talk.