The Premier Snuggling Game Gets Brohoofed; Snuggle Truck’s Brony Mode!

Get Best Pony and Friends to Da Zoo

Owlchemy Labs has been chomping at the bit to reveal the latest edgy-yet-adorable content update to Snuggle Truck.

Brony Mode, inspired by the whimsical cult following of the popular television show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, transforms the snuggly stuffed toys of Snuggle Truck into plushie ponies. With Brony Mode activated, players will transport eight new marshmallow sweet and oh-so-cute ponies in the over-the-top physics based game. Tilt your truck, catch baby dragons, and rocket your way with all of the love and tolerance you can muster to get those ponies to “da zoo!”

“We love the brony community,” stated Alex Schwartz, Chief Scientist and Fantasy Equine Specialist at Owlchemy Labs, “we began design on Brony Mode in response to fan requests. We wanted to make something to give back to the community. Snuggle Truck’s “cuddly-with-a-hint-of-badass” humor lends itself well to the stories and characters of the brony universe.”

Owlchemy enlisted the help of Andrew Brockert, an active member of the brony community and a past organizer of BronyCon, to lend his expertise to Brony Mode. “Owlchemy really wanted to do something fun for bronies,” said Brockert. “When I saw the finished product, I smiled at the art and laughed at an unexpected surprise. The community will love it.”

Anyone that has already purchased Snuggle Truck through Steam or received it on Steam through the Humble Bundle will get the Brony Mode update for free. The Brony Mode update will also be for sale on iOS. Owlchemy plans to do what anypony would do when settling into a new community: plant an orchard of Zap Apples! Appreciating the charitable nature of the Brony community, Owlchemy Labs will plant one tree for every 200 purchases of Brony Mode. (Alright, we can’t promise that they will be Zap Apples, but every tree has a hint of magic in it, right?)

Steam players will find that this mode is included at no additional charge with the game, and Steam users that already have Snuggle Truck can gift the game to friends, counting toward the download total. This release comes on the heels of Owlchemy’s latest iOS title, Jack Lumber. “Jack hates trees,” explained Alex, “but at Owlchemy, we begrudgingly admit that trees may be important. Let’s face it, without trees, Jack Lumber is just a burly man with a fantastic beard and an unhealthy plaid obsession. “We’ll be sure to plant the trees as far away from our supernatural lumberjack as possible.” assured Alex.

Snuggle Truck is on sale today (October 1st, 2012) as Steam’s Daily Deal and can be downloaded today only for the amazingly low price of $2.50. Fans playing on iOS will find Brony Mode available as an in-app purchase within the free game. For more information, and maybe a few snuggles, visit: to grab it TODAY!