Social VR: Twitch chat embedded in Job Simulator!

As part of an update that went live today, Job Simulator added a new feature: in-game physical Twitch chat!

As part of our efforts to make VR more social, we wanted to add the ability for streamers to be able to react live to their viewers when broadcasting Job Simulator gameplay. When you’re inside VR, it can sometimes be hard to get to the information you need, so why not pipe it directly into the experience!

Twitch chat joins Spectator Mode as well as Mixed Reality mode as part of our suite of Social VR features in the game. The goal for these features is simple — Those who have tried high end VR know and understand how insanely amazing it is to be inside of a VR experience, but those stuck in the world of 2D monitors don’t quite yet understand. With embedded chat, Spectator Mode, and Mixed Reality, we can finally share a taste of the experience that us VR developers and enthusiasts have been raving about for the past months (or years!)

Spectator Mode:
Share your in-game experience with others in an incredibly easy to understand format — hand-held cameras!

Mixed Reality:
Show others what it feels like to truly be inside of a living virtual world.

Here’s to more Social VR!

P.S. – We also just added hats to the game. Go nuts.

-Owlchemy Owls