Snuggle Truck level contest!

Yeehaw! With Snuggle Truck v1.5 out on the App Store, we figured it was the perfect time to run a level design contest! Ready? Sure you are! Here’s the criteria for judging:


The Rules:

  • 1.) Make a level that fits one of the three criteria and submit the level to the server from within Snuggle Truck!
  • 2.) Post your first name, GameCenter name, and the name of your level on the Owlchemy Facebook page so we know who made it and how to get in touch with the winners! If you’re a youngster (under 15), post your age to be considered for that category.
  • 3.) Contest ends *Updated!* Thursday night August 18th at 11:59PM EST, 2011!


The Prizes:

  • – Each winner will receive 5 dollars worth of gifted App Store games or apps! Choose five $0.99 games or one $4.99 game!
  • – Each winner also receives a front-page blog post on showcasing their creation to the world.
  • – The winner in the youngster category will have their level featured on and on AppTudes’s Facebook page!


Helpful Hints:

  • – The most epic jump isn’t necessarily the largest jump. Get creative and come up with a jump that’ll blow people away. Don’t take this as a hint to place a bunch of TNTs at the bottom of the hill, though. 🙂
  • – Any level designer will agree – A barren level is a boring level. Spice it up!
  • – We’re looking for stylized, unique levels that carry a consistent theme.
  • – Make it look different from other levels out there. Just like Lego, you need to be creative!
  • – The youngster award will be given to the best kid level designer, courtesy of the fine folks at


The Fine Print:

  • – Gifted apps are limited to US + Canada only (sorry!)
  • – Please see the Apptudes page for more information regarding the youngster contest.