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Friday Five – Game of the Week
“It’s bonkers, hilarious, and utterly addictive. This clever little game might have lost its satirical snarl in the transition to iOS, but it’s every bit as brilliant. A perfect addition to your home screen.”
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“Its bouncy physics make hectic speed runs hilarious as a single bungled landing can spill your entire cargo of animals onto the rocks. …instantly compulsive as top casual apps like Angry Birds.”
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“4/4 – Must Have”
“Whether you call it Snuggle Truck or Smuggle Truck, this game is an absolute blast… Brilliantly fun combination of fast driving and crazy passenger physics”
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“4.5/5 – Worth Smuggling”
“Incredibly fun. Give these animals the ride they’re looking for.”
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“5/5 Stars”
“We highly recommend picking up Snuggle Truck and experiencing a tremendously fun game wrapped around a silky smooth physics engine.”
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“If you’re looking for a new bite-sized and addictive experience, but need a break from flinging birds at pigs, Smuggle Truck and Snuggle Truck fit the bill quite nicely.”
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iOS screenshots


Press kit contains:

  • - Snuggle Truck icons and screenshots
  • - High resolution trailer link
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