OwlchemyVR Mixed Reality Update 2

We have an update on our new mixed reality tech! We’ve been adding features since we first announced the OwlchemyVR Mixed Reality tools on our blog:

If you didn’t read the first announcement, read that first for some background on our mixed reality solution.

Showing virtual reality is a huge challenge and with OwlchemyVR’s mixed reality solution, you can combine live video footage with complex virtual reality gameplay in real-time — resulting in the best way to show off the magic of VR.

So, what new features have we been cooking up?



We’re now able to utilize real-time per-pixel lighting with our mixed reality tech! See below:

Per-pixel lighting on mixed reality footage in real-time!

  • Using the same lights you’re using in your game to light mixed reality footage allows for a seamless blend of both realities. From muzzle flashes to exploring dark caves to casting magic spells, we’re excited to see what interesting effects can be accomplished!
  • Prior attempts to simulate lighting in mixed reality footage have relied on heavy post production in After Effects or using physical lights on sticks held by people in green screen suits with heavily choreographed shots. Real time lighting solves many issues — now the content can drive all of the lighting effects dynamically.


Now less green screen area is needed to get fantastic shots with our new green screen bounding solution!

Ceilings, walls, clamps, and lights always seem to enter frame at the worst time — we have a solution!

  • Shooting mixed reality footage generally results in shots where mounts, lights, and non-green-screened areas come into the shot, ruining the footage. Our tech uses a new smart green screen bounding technique to reduce the required green screen coverage so you don’t need to worry about pointing the camera away from the green screen!
  • This enables new types of shots to be pulled off without worrying about panning out of the green screen area, such as wide pans or 360 turnarounds. Now the camera can be pointed in all directions without needing a green screen in view!
  • This also means that very small green screen setups can be utilized much more effectively! Supporting lower end setups will help immensely with wider adoption of mixed reality so that bedroom Youtuber and Twitch streamers will be able to produce quality content at very low cost without high end screens or professional lighting rigs.


Yes, properly sorted transparency in mixed reality is 100% possible! See below:

Translucent blending in mixed reality!

  • This is the first time transparencies have been able to be drawn and sorted at proper depth in mixed reality. It finally just works how it should.
  • The limitations of prior implementations of mixed reality have prevented transparencies from functioning but now that we’re in-engine, we can tackle this issue (anyone who has tried this before will tell you it is extremely complex to pull this off, let alone real-time).
  • With proper alpha blending, we can also achieve amazing effects with particles such as having someone stand behind a wall of smoke, in the rain, snow, or any complicated transparent scene.


We have a ton of features and innovations on the way and this just scratches the surface of what’s possible with real-time in-engine mixed reality. We can’t wait to get this into everyone’s hands.

We are working towards the first private beta with a small group of developers and content creators. If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, sign up here:

Signup for the Owlchemy VR Mixed Reality beta here!



P.S. We’re looking for additional computer vision experts at Owlchemy Labs. Reach out to us if you want to help us build the future of VR.

Job Simulator – Out on PlayStation VR!

Hello humans!

THE TIME IS NOW. Job Simulator is currently available on the PlayStation VR! Grab your Move controllers and get ready to fling, toss, grab, eat, pull, twist, and otherwise engage in the endless acts of JOB. You can now purchase Job Simulator from the PlayStation store here!

This is an amazing day for us. Bringing Job Simulator to PlayStation VR is something we’ve been excited about since we first heard mysterious rumors and elusive tales about the hardware. In these beginning stages of consumer VR, it’s crucial to be able to share these transformative experiences, and PlayStation VR is definitely one of the premier venues for doing so! We’re so excited for all of you to get into the game, and engage in the joyous chaos Job Simulator affords!

Check out our unique method of calibrating to the floor on PS VR in our previous post cataloging the new tech here:

Are you ready to step into the future? PREPARE TO JOB.


Announcing the Job Simulator PlayStation VR Launch Trailer

Hello Humans!

We’re coming up fast on the PlayStation VR launch! We’ve released a new trailer for the occasion, see it below!

And the reviews are already starting to roll in! Digital Spy gave us a 5/5 stars and The Verge called us “one of the best early experiences for PSVR”! See those features below!

Full sized image of Digital Spy review
Digital Spy: 19 PlayStation VR games that will make you need PS4 virtual reality in your life

Full sized image of The Verge review
The Verge: PlayStation VR: nine launch games for Sony’s new VR platform

We also wrote an article talking about some of the work we did for the PlayStation VR version of Job Simulator, as well as some of our hopes and goals for VR in general. You can check that out here:
PlayStation Blog: Prepare to Job with Job Simulator, Out October 13 on PS VR

It’s been a lot of hard work and a fantastic ride working to make this happen. We can’t wait to launch and bring all the stapler-throwing, slushie flinging, half-eaten chaos to PlayStation VR on October 13th! See you all next week!