Dyscourse is happening!!

It’s been a really crazy past 30 days and we’re happy to announce that our Kickstarter for Dyscourse is a success!!

We thank you, our fans and supporters, for believing in us! Throughout the past month a lot of very cool stuff has happened and we thought we should break it down for everyone:

The CEO of Unity, David Helgason, gave Owlchemy this amazing shout-out!

He also has this stylin new Twitter icon!


We announced an awesome additional bonus story called the ‘Indie Plane Crash!’, starring a cast of intrepid indie developers who may find their game development skills to be a bit ‘useless’ on a desert island!


We’ve put together a mini-documentary on what makes Owlchemy Labs feel super Owlchemy-ey (yes, that’s now a word)!

We also announced that we’ll be continuing in this vein by creating a behind-the-scenes documentary of the development of Dyscourse thanks to our pal Alex Smith!

We also had some really great praise on Dyscourse!

  • “What a good art style, and what a good concept too.”Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • “The game has a bright art style, funny characters, and numerous, vastly different endings.”GameInformer
  • “The style and quality of the visuals are top notch!”IndieStatik
  • “Dyscourse is Owlchemy Labs’ most ambitious project to date”Joystiq
  • “This game looks amazing, and dialogue/storytelling is something that’s a very big deal to me”NerdyButFlirty

Also, a super minor thing…


Now that we have all your monies, we’re going to party it up really buckle down and continue cranking on Dyscourse! We couldn’t have done it without you all and we’re so excited to show you how amazing this game can be.

-Owlchemy Labs

Indie Plane Crash Announced!


We’ve just announced a bonus scenario for our up-and-coming game, Dyscourse! This time, you’ll be trying to survive the trials and tribulations of the island alongside some of the most beloved independent game developers! Not only will you have to deal with the aftermath of a freak plane crash, you’ll have to handle a group of highly-regard game professionals who are “technically talented, but utterly useless in survival situations.”

The cast of characters so far confirmed to be marooned include:

“They can code, but can they catch cod?” asked Owlchemy Chief Scientist Alex Schwartz. “This additional scenario will explore what happens when these stars of the indie scene have to sleep under the big sky, fighting the elements and potentially each other to survive until rescue.”

Help us make this happen by backing our Kickstarter!


Announcing our new game, Dyscourse!

Big news at the Labs today: we’re announcing our brand new game, Dyscourse! It’s coming to Steam (PC/Mac/Linux) next year and you can pledge for a copy on Kickstarter today!


Dyscourse is a survival game like you’ve never seen. To help you get a better understanding of what we’re trying to accomplish, take the interpersonal dramas of The Walking Dead and combine it with the group survival of Oregon Trail, add a healthy dose of Lord Of The Flies, and wrap it all up in an insanely stylized and gorgeous Owlchemy-illustrated world.


You play as Rita, an over educated barista whose abundant schooling landed her a job working as a full-time barista. You’ll come to love (or possibly hate) the haphazard cast of characters that Rita, for better or worse, must work with to survive and make choices that will actually change the outcome of the game. Each playthrough can be vastly different, and your play style determines how your experience is forged within the wildly branching dynamic world of Dyscourse.


Find out more about the world of Dyscourse on our Kickstarter page!