PAX IS DONE! Documentary, coming along!


Woot! PAX was a great success!

paxeast_2014_megaboothPAX East Indie Megabooth 2014 – Thanks to Matthew Wegner for the photo!

We had an absolute blast putting together the booth and having hundreds of players get their hands on our first playable version of Dyscourse.




paxeast2014_4Thanks to Michael Carriere for the photo!

The demoing went great! The build was somehow surprisingly stable, for being in active development, and we hit only one progression-blocking bug which was fairly easy to avoid once we knew what it was (and has since been fixed :) ). Demoing in front of thousands and thousands of fans is always a tense moment but everyone on the team did an amazing job pulling together an excellent experience! We received truly valuable feedback from playtesters at PAX and we want to especially thank our Alpha backers for giving essential feedback right before the convention. That was crucial as we were able to act on much of the feedback and use it to inform some decisions made in the last two weeks before the build. Now that the madness is over, we can get back to our regularly scheduled program: continuing full-on production of Dyscourse!

Dyscourse Documentary – Teaser

The documentary we’re producing for the Kickstarter is starting to come along! Alex Smith Videography put together this little 30 second teaser today!

Expect to hear from us soon with more updates on development.


– Your friendly neighborhood Owlchemy

Dyscourse at PAX East Indie MEGABOOTH!

We’re happy to announce that we’ll be at PAX East 2014 with Dyscourse in the Indie MEGABOOTH!


This also marks our first public playable version of Dyscourse, which you’ll be able to get your grubby hands on from April 11th-13th in Boston, MA!

Backers: Picking up your KS shirt in person? If you filled out the form with your sizing indicated, make sure to come by the booth and get your swanky, svelte, heathered dark-gray shirt of awesomeness!

Press: If you’re interested in getting a private sneak peek behind the scenes of Dyscourse, get in touch ASAP to lock in scheduling!

People who like art: Here’s a teaser screenshot of the current build!

Dyscourse - WIP Screenshot March 31st 2014

Dyscourse updates and live-streaming info!

What a whirlwind of adventure running a Kickstarter was! It was 30 days of sleepless nights, endless worry, and the happy surprise of seeing how awesome our fans can be. Obviously we couldn’t have done it without your faith in us. Thank you once more!

Pre-Orders / Slacker Backers

We realize, however, that there may be still some of you who’d like to help make Dyscourse a reality and happened to miss the Kickstarter, so we’re now accepting pre-orders on our main website We’ll be accepting Amazon Payments, Credit Cards, and PayPal through the Humble Widget. So it’s not too late to get in on some excellent digital rewards and the ability to check out the game early.


So check it out at and let us know if you like our swanky new website. We’re getting it ready for the game’s launch by creating sections for reviews, screenshots, embedded video, etc etc.

What else is new?

And of course since the Kickstarter’s funding, we haven’t been sitting on our collective butts; we’ve been in constant development of Dyscourse! We’ve got some new art to show off and a few new features we’ve been refining. We’re experimenting with putting together video updates to show off what’s new so we’ll be sharing that with you folks shortly. :)

Art Live Stream!

The last bit of news we’d like to mention is that on January 11th, 11pm EST (8pm PST), Carrie will be live-streaming her artistic amazingness as part of the Indie Dev Supershow alongside our Community Manager, Eric, who’ll be taking and answering questions!


We’ll be streaming alongside such amazing games as Windforge and Reus. Make sure to tune in and check out the entire line-up here.

Thanks again for believing in us and you’ll hear more from us very soon!

-Owlchemy Labs