Job Simulator in the Press!

It’s been a little over a week since Job Simulator was released into the wild, and reviews are starting to roll in! Here’s a sample of what people have been saying now that they’ve had their comically-oversized, white-gloved hands on it:

Taking over the Top Lists

The folks over at TIME gave us one of their coveted five top spots in their HTC Vive Launch games list, knocking us flat down with that honor. I mean, Job Simulator is business, but TIME is SERIOUS BUSINESS.
These Are the 5 Best HTC Vive Launch Games

Digital Trends named us one of their top 6 “absolute favorite” Vive launch titles and then further inflated our ego by claiming that Job Simulator is “one of the funniest games we’ve played in ages.”
Our 6 Absolute Favorite HTC Vive Launch Games

Digital Spy listed Job Simulator as their number 2 best Vive experience currently available!
Best HTC Vive experiences you can have right now

And Gizmag gave us some love in naming us one of their top 10 Vive launch games saying, “The game is both a showcase piece for tracked controllers and a playground for your inner id.”
The 10 best launch games for the HTC Vive

Interviews Galore

People have wanted to talk to us, and we’ve been more than happy to geek out about VR! Alex spoke to Gamasutra about the development process and to Develop about the role of comedy in games. Frank wanted to know some of the stories behind the making of Job Simulator, and while UploadVR went deep into the discussion on some of the trials and thought processes behind generating physics in a virtual reality environment. Lastly, Polygon talked to us about our new Spectator Mode and the importance of streaming and content creation tools as we start sharing VR experiences.

Let’s Plays


The guys over at Achievement Hunter played Job Simulator and Gavin’s voice reached exciting new octaves as he found out just how responsive the physics are.

JackSepticEye has been dutifully jobbing his way through the game

And So. Many. Reviews.

Job Simulator – Out on HTC Vive!

After 15 months in development, Job Simulator, our premier multi-platform VR title, is available and ready for jobbing! You can now purchase Job Simulator on Steam here!


The illustrious Kert Gartner has helped us craft an epic trailer, complete with mixed reality awesomeness, just for the occasion. Watch it below!

It’s been an amazing journey. From our first experiences with the Vive’s hand tracking two years ago, we’ve set our sights on this exact moment. Consumer VR is truly here and we are ecstatic to play a part in its roll out. Thanks for coming along with us for the discovery, the exploration, and the jokes.


-Owlchemy Labs

Automotive Mechanic Job Announced!

We’re excited to be revealing to the public our 4th and final job to ship with Job Simulator: The Automotive Mechanic!

Automotive Mechanic joins the ranks along side Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, and Convenience Store Clerk and allows players to service vehicles in a way only robots from the future with poor research skills could dream up.

We’re insanely excited for players to try it out!