Announcing the Job Simulator PlayStation VR Launch Trailer

Hello Humans!

We’re coming up fast on the PlayStation VR launch! We’ve released a new trailer for the occasion, see it below!

And the reviews are already starting to roll in! Digital Spy gave us a 5/5 stars and The Verge called us “one of the best early experiences for PSVR”! See those features below!

Full sized image of Digital Spy review
Digital Spy: 19 PlayStation VR games that will make you need PS4 virtual reality in your life

Full sized image of The Verge review
The Verge: PlayStation VR: nine launch games for Sony’s new VR platform

We also wrote an article talking about some of the work we did for the PlayStation VR version of Job Simulator, as well as some of our hopes and goals for VR in general. You can check that out here:
PlayStation Blog: Prepare to Job with Job Simulator, Out October 13 on PS VR

It’s been a lot of hard work and a fantastic ride working to make this happen. We can’t wait to launch and bring all the stapler-throwing, slushie flinging, half-eaten chaos to PlayStation VR on October 13th! See you all next week!