Job Simulator – Out on PlayStation VR!

Hello humans!

THE TIME IS NOW. Job Simulator is currently available on the PlayStation VR! Grab your Move controllers and get ready to fling, toss, grab, eat, pull, twist, and otherwise engage in the endless acts of JOB. You can now purchase Job Simulator from the PlayStation store here!!/en-us/games/job-simulator/cid=UP0503-CUSA05818_00-JOBSIMULATOR0001

This is an amazing day for us. Bringing Job Simulator to PlayStation VR is something we’ve been excited about since we first heard mysterious rumors and elusive tales about the hardware. In these beginning stages of consumer VR, it’s crucial to be able to share these transformative experiences, and PlayStation VR is definitely one of the premier venues for doing so! We’re so excited for all of you to get into the game, and engage in the joyous chaos Job Simulator affords!

Check out our unique method of calibrating to the floor on PS VR in our previous post cataloging the new tech here:

Are you ready to step into the future? PREPARE TO JOB.