Job Simulator out on Oculus Touch!

Owlchemy believes that getting your hands into VR is the most important facet of a VR experience. We’re happy to announce that Job Simulator is now available as a launch title Oculus Touch! Unbox those Touch controllers and grab your copy of Job Simulator on the Oculus Store:


Finger guns!
We made sure to support all types of gestures on Touch, including the ever-famous Finger Gun, the Thumbs Up, and more. Your collision geometry even updates based on hand pose, letting you flick objects with your index finger!

Finger guns! New hands! Thumbs ups galore!

Multiple room sizes!
We’ve been spending a ton of time over the past year ensuring the Job Simulator experience feels fantastic on Touch. Our philosophy when it comes to the out-of-box experience for VR is that Job Simulator should “just work” for any room setup, so we have advanced Guardian support to automatically determine the best playspace size and arrangement for players on startup of the game.

The team at Owlchemy went above and beyond to include room-scale support at launch, making it one of the first at launch to support Oculus’ experimental 3-camera room-scale mode. Plug in an optional third camera and calibrate your room size and we will automagically detect it and auto-select the room-scale arrangement to maximize your job-iness (if that’s not a word, it is now!)

Min-spec madness!
We’ve optimized Job Simulator beyond what we thought originally possible. We now officially support Oculus’ new minimum spec of Nvidia 960 or greater and an intel i3-6100 but instead of the game falling back to 45hz through ASW (Asynchronous Spacewarp), players will get the full native 90hz on that min-spec! Our dedication to optimization and quality consumer experiences has resulted in a performant and smooth game on the widest set of hardware imaginable!

So much Touch!!

It’s been a ridiculously cool year for us. Consumer VR has now officially launched and we’ve been able to be there through every step! We’re so happy to be able to close out the year with this launch, bringing the joy, discovery, delight, and wild chaotic donut-filled fun of Job Simulator to everyone!

Check out the new trailer featuring Oculus Touch hardware!

Vending machines are stocked. Sandwiches have achieved maximum stackability. Stapler-trajectories are optimized. PREPARE TO JOB. Grab the Oculus Touch version of Job Simulator here!