Jack Lumber PAX East recap!

The scientists at Owlchemy Labs just returned from the madness that is PAX East 2012. We’re still recovering from the exhilaration of showing our new work-in-progress game, Jack Lumber, to the gamers that took the trek out to PAX’s third east coast installment.

So how did it go? We’ll recap the awesomeness with some photography!


That’s right. We dressed up as lumberjacks. Would you expect anything less from us?


Our programmer Devin came down from the frigid Canadian north, so he is actually wearing his normal everyday dress while everyone else is “in character”. Our design guru Kate can be seen in “Lumber Jill” garb while a number of non-Owlchemy PAX-goers were caught wearing red plaid, unaware of the Jack Lumber aesthetic! We were able to snap a couple of photos of our accidental cosplayers.


Check out all of these reaction shots!


Who knew Jason Della Rocca was a log-splitting forest-massacring mastermind?!


Just after the end of the conference, we gathered for a group shot, consisting of Devin, Carrie, myself (Alex), Beth, and Jon below (minus Kate, who had caught the PAX Pox by then). We promptly headed to a local irish pub to celebrate the end of a successful PAX. Nothing exploded and no one died! Success!

What a great experience! Being a part of the historic Indie MEGABOOTH was a blast. Players seemed to love their hands-on time with Jack Lumber, and much fun was had. I couldn’t ask for more.