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MultiPlatform ToolKit
An end-to-end multiplatform solution for Unity! Battle-tested during the development of the quadruple-platform game Snuggle Truck, this tool allows for configuration of specific per-platform settings for all devices. Need to change button sizes for iPhone Retina and swap out textures for iPad? Not a problem. Need to replace text on a per-platform basis or swap fonts? Easy. Need to create a resolution-independent UI that works on all major aspect ratios? It’s a breeze!
Available on the Unity Asset Store! Grab all the details here!
A Unity3D editor script that can speed up daily workflows dramatically. Have you ever been frustrated with Unity’s lack of ability to set attributes on multiple files within the editor? If so, check out MultiPanel on the Unity Asset Store. It automates the task of doing common operations on hundreds of files or objects at once.
Read the MultiPanel Documentation for help with its usage.
Check it out on the Unity Asset Store!


NavMesh BoxCollider Solution
A small helper script which fixes a usability issue in Unity’s built-in NavMesh solution. Out of the box, Unity’s tech doesn’t support baking Box Colliders into a navigation mesh, only MeshRenderers and Terrain. This editor script does the heavy lifting of baking Box Colliders into the navigation mesh with the press of a button. Grab the details and content on the AlmostLogical blog post here.
Unity iPhone Shaders
When working on projects in Unity iPhone, we find ourselves reusing the same basic shader set. Surprisingly, none of these shaders come with Unity. All 6 shaders are completely unlit, as real time lighting on a mobile device is a framerate death sentence. We’ve collected these from various Internet sources (and made slight edits to some), so credit goes to the original writers.Unlit – Unlit (The ultimate no frills shader)UnlitColored – Unlit with a color pickerUnlitForward – Unlit with a forward offset to help with sorting issuesAlphaSelfIllum – Unlit with AlphaAlphaSelfIllumDoubleSided – Unlit with Alpha, double-sidedAlphaSelfIllumWithFade – Unlit with Alpha, able to fade by modifying the alpha color value

Render Queue Setter
This script will help you manage the draw order of your transparent objects in Unity. Simply attach to a game object and set the render queues for the materials you want to order. The script will set the render queues on Awake at runtime.
Texture Size To Transform
It’s always a pain to make 3D planes appear at an exact pixel-scale on screen. With the help of this editor script, you can effortlessly resize your planes to display at the same size as the size of the texture assigned them.