The Scientists

Born in chemistry labs and raised among test tubes and flasks, the scientists at Owlchemy Labs are on a search to find the formula behind the perfect enjoyable, silly gaming experience.

Core Team:

Alex Schwartz

Chief Scientist
With a background in both indie game development and triple-A console development, Alex creates, nurtures, and cleans up after the science at Owlchemy Labs. His wardrobe consists entirely of lab coats and plaid.

Devin Reimer

Chief Technical Owl
Coming from both a Flash and Unity background, Devin pulls his weight in the codebase like an ox on various uppers. He also insists on pronouncing many words in a distinctly Canadian manner, for which he is constantly berated.

Carrie Witt

Artisan of all things (not) purple
Formerly Owlchemy Labs’ intern, Carrie has since returned as “Lead Artist With a Vengeance” to bring even more art and ‘Witt-iness’ to the table. Also, as the tallest lumberjack on the team, she’s able to chop those hard-to-reach places.

Graeme Borland

Developer and all-hat-wearer
Scholars have debated Graeme’s actual job description since the late 12th century, but before being a code wizard on Dyscourse, legend has it that Graeme was once an artist. He keeps typing and video games keep getting made, so he must be doing something right!




Alec Frey

Dyscourse: Writer
Once an indie game insider, Alec now resides inside indie games, writing, plotting, and devising evil plans and insidious literary concoctions for Dyscourse.

Eric Sutman

Dyscourse: Design / Implementation
He’s a log-tossin, infinite run-and-gunnin, stem-stumpin, wpi-goin’, level-designing madman with a thirst for the blood of his enemies as well as fine wines.

Jason Margaca

Dyscourse: Music
With an ear for pleasing music that’s second to none, Jason’s audio mastery brings all the boys and girls to the yard.

Part-time Owls:

Andrew Witte

With ultra-fast code-optimized finger agility and a strategic cockatoo on his shoulder, Andrew ensures our projects operate at tip-top shape on all platforms from the bright and sunny lands of Safety Harbor, Florida.

Dan Perry

Aural lab technician
Dan provides Owlchemy with the finest imported, fat free audio assets available. Always picked fresh, Dan’s beats drop once the temperature rises.

Takumi Miyaji

Master of all interwebs
An elusive beast, Takumi ensures that our webs are in tip top shape at all times. His eye for graphic design is unparalleled. In fact it’s perpendicularred.

Owlchemy Alumni:

Often, we work with partners who crank out amazing things and then spread their wings and tackle new ventures. These are the few, the proud, the alum-inati!


Eric Chon

Community chef
From the distant Irvine, CA (but a New England-native), Eric acts as resident Developer Meat Shield, jumping on grenades to protect his forest friends making him sparsely limbed and fully bearded.

Bill Tiller

Artisan of all things purple
Previously LucasArts bg artist for ‘Curse of Monkey Island’, Bill remained locked in our basement for Smuggle Truck and Jack Lumber’s development and surprisingly doesn’t hold a grudge!

Michael Carriere

Jack Lumber: Lead Beard
Michael brought facial follicle experience to the team at a moment’s notice. When we approached him about making a pun-filled game, he put his finger to our lips and said, “Don’t need to axe me twice.”

Kate Mann

Jack Lumber: Designmancer
When she isn’t humming along to an electro-pop song, Kate is hard at work doing “all the things” regarding games. Collecting owls since she was a young girl, so her work with Owlchemy was a pretty rad fit.

Jon Myers

Jack Lumber: Narrative Technician
Jon coordinates narrative Mimesis using the latest in precision story methodologies. He also struggles with an unhealthy obsession over chickens as the root of all humor.

Kenneth Krutsinger

Dyscourse: Writer
Clacking away at the keyboard all throughout the night, Kenneth is able to transform the thoughts of mere mortals into words!

Job Openings

Other things!
We’re quite happy with our small but awe-inspiring team. If you feel for some reason that you are so amazing that we should drop everything and hire you today, please email us at the address shown in the upper right corner of the website!